Will he make the shot? December 3 Daily Reflection

The shot

The ball is in the air above the basketball goal but not perfectly. One cannot know for sure if the ball will go in the basket or not. The ball in the picture is just hanging there in mid air.

How often do you feel like that ball, hanging there in mid air not sure if you will make it to your goal or just be dribbled again by someone else?

My daughter and I had a conversation recently about the future. I told her I don’t want to know everything that will happen in the future. She said she would like to know what things she will do to get herself in trouble so she can avoid those things.

No one can predict the future with 100% accuracy we just have to live it and learn from it and keep on keepin’ on. Maybe the ball will go in the goal; maybe it will bounce off the rim and then go in. Maybe it will miss it all together. We don’t know if our actions will lead to victory but we can practice like the boy who took this shot was doing. We can practice leading a life of kindness, compassion, empathy and generosity. We can practice doing what is right loving unconditionally and being the best person we can be. We can practice by listening to our hearts and letting God guide us so that we can make that basket in the end. Ultimately it is up to the grace of God if we get into Heaven but He watches our actions and witnesses our choices. Are we making choices that are going to bang off of the backboard and off the court all together? Are we making choices that benefit the rest of the team? Are we taking the ball from others and not playing as a team? Are we the person who assisted the boy that threw the ball?

Often times we feel like we have little to no control in this life. However, we can control our choices, our words, our kindness, our gestures and much of our path in this life. You will not know in this lifetime if your practice and actions will lead to victory but you will know that you are living right if you follow what you truly believe is good and kind. So don’t try to predict if the ball will go but continuously practice to make the right shot all of this lifetime.

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