Wishes for our children, July 24 Daily Reflection

Star light Star bright,  

First Star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might

have the wish, I wish tonight.

Spencer, my 6 year old's painting of a star for me.

Spencer, my 6 year old's painting of a star for me.

 What is it that we as parents wish for our children?  Is it that they have a good education?  That they find a good career that they can be successful in.  Do we wish happiness for our children?  Do we wish for our children to have it better than we did as kids, depending on our childhood?  Think about it for a minute.  What do you wish for your child?

I wish for my children to lead a balanced life.  I want to provide them with a good education so that they can find a career path that will challenge and provide for them and their families.  I wish for my children to find that someone in this world that they are crazy in love with and very compatible.  I wish for my children to have a great family life and children they love.  I wish for my children to always have a faith in whatever religion they feel called to.  I wish for them to have an ongoing relationship with God.  I wish for them to give more than they will ever take from this world. 

Are my wishes too ideal for my children?  I don’t think so, I think it is possible because I feel that is where I am in this life.  I never had a career, but I did get a BA from college, good education.  I definitely found the man of my dreams, I believe we are soul mates.  I have the most wonderful family ever.  My faith has continued to grow and mature especially over the past 6 years.  My relationship with God just keeps getting deeper. I try to serve God through teaching my children and children from my school and Church how to serve and give back.  So I don’t think these goals are impossible.

What do you truly want for your children?  Is it really more money than you have right now?  Because you think it will make life easier, will it really?  Is it all the things of this world, the big house, high powered job and excellent social status?  Or do you want your children to be down to earth real people who have learned how to love from the love you have always shown them.  Do you want your children to have what you have, a family that cares for one another.  Do you want your children to have God and a relationship with him? 

I always tell my kids I rarely make wishes except on my Birthday because I would rather pray that works so much better I tell them.  So today when you reflect on your wishes for your children, say a little prayer.  You should realize what you wish for them they will see in your actions and words over their lifetime.  Be sure before you make a wish for their future it is a wise one.  No one likes to waste their wishes.

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