Without a care, August 9, 2013 Daily Reflection

A great climbing tree

“It is the best tree ever, Mom!!” My children were so excited to re-discover this climbing tree. They climbed it a few years before and remembered the experience. “Look at the branches and how far out I can walk on them mom!”

How does that feel; to have no cares in the world except which branch to swing your hand to next? Can you remember as a child what it felt like to have the freedom from stress and anxiety to just be able to play without a care in the world? Sometimes we catch glimpses of it when we sit on a beach and lay in the sand with the sun warmly shinning down on us. Once in awhile we feel it when we get caught up in a sunset or a sweet kiss from our spouse. But for the most part they are moments in time when we feel free.

The joy of childhood is that they may enjoy the gift from God of relaxation, fun and not a care in the world. Let your children experience this innocence while they are young. One day they will have to search for those moments.  As a parent help them to experience this time as long as they can.

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