Work Breaks, October 15, 2012 Daily Reflection


Taking a break

How often are we in motion? The answer is 24/7. If we are not at work we are working on our lives, eating, exercising, caring for our families, children and self. We are never still except when we are unconscious. Were we made to be in constant motion?

We all need a break every day. Break time to me on jobs has never existed. I always work straight through them. Except for lunch, I do not deprive myself of food when at all possible. As working people we need a break during our work day not because we are lazy but because it helps us to decompress, walk away from the stress and let go for a few minutes. When I was in management I thought breaks were an excuse for my workers to goof off. I was managing teenagers.  Honestly I only gave breaks because it was the law.

As I have aged over the years and have become busier than ever I have now re-evaluated the benefit of breaks as an employee and an employer. If you allow or encourage your staff to work continuously with no breaks often the project suffers. If you encourage them to leave the office, take a walk, and get some fresh air then when they return they have new energy. When we constantly deplete our energy we have nothing left to give.

So, next time you notice that your staff is struggling evaluate how long they have been working on the same project and give them a break. Next time you find yourself in a slump or unmotivated take a break and walk away for a bit. Your body is not the only part of you that needs rest. Your mind needs time to rest so that your thoughts can be new, fresh and energized.

We were not meant to be in motion 24/7. Give yourself a break and pay attention to how much better you and your staff perform afterwards.

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