Work Day Prayer or Reflection, March 13, 2012 Daily Reflection


Praying Hands

Dear God,

This weekend was great with my family and I just don’t want to walk away from them to go to work. But I know this is what I must do to put food on the table, lights in the house, and provide an education for my children. Today, as I head in to work please help me to do my work with a positive attitude and a creative mind. God, help me to not give into those who love to talk about how much they hate their job, make fun of others at work or complain about all their hard work. Help me instead to create an environment of team building, motivate others through my example of working hard with a smile on my face. Because this is the place I was meant to work in order to provide for my family. My actions are seen by many and I know by you so please help me to be appreciative for having a job and a place where I can contribute my skills to society. Thank you God for all you have given me in this life. Please continue to guide me to be the person you envisioned when you created me. Talk to you later God.


One of your many children


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