Work Ethic, June 16, 2017 Daily Reflection

Yesterday, was my daughter’s first day of work! She landed her first job at a produce and plant stand. The work is hard, there is no airconditioning and it is strenuous. I think it is the perfect first job. All too often our teens are spoiled rotten in our culture. They are given everything they want.

They need to learn how to earn what they want. They need to learn how to work for someone else, other than family members, teachers, and coaches. They need to lift heavy things, sweat, and be misearable. There is unbelievable value in manual labor. It helps a teen realize the importance of timeliness, listening skills, working as a team, communication skills and working with the public. In my family getting a job at age 16 is mandatory if you want to drive. My teens buy their own car, pay car insurance, and pay for their own gas. It gives them a sense of independence and responsibility.

This experience will build her work ethic, sense of accomplishment, and character. As a parent we want to give our children the world. Giving them experiences outside of us is giving them the ability to live a good life in this world!

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