Work Place Prayer, May 24, 2012 Daily Reflection


Praying hands

May the work I do with my hands reflect the strength of your spirit.

May the work I do with my mind enlighten those with my God given intelligence.

May the work I do with my heart be a testament to the passion and love God has given to me so freely.

May my work be a direct result of God’s gifts to me.

May God bless me with the motivation to give generously of my strength, mind and heart to those around me. God, let me be humble, open, cooperative, compassionate, fair and good to all those I encounter. Please God help me to bring you into my work place not by screaming your name but by living what you have taught me subtly through honesty, hard work and kindness to others. I am but a small creation of your handiwork and you have given me the opportunity to spread your love to the world. Please God guide me to give to this world what you have given to me so openly.

With gratitude and the sincerest intentions I implore you God.

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