Working, July 17, 2012 Daily Reflection

Work we did as children

As adults what we remember about our childhood is that we ran and played without the heavy burden of responsibility upon our shoulders. We just played pretend and had fun. But we have always had a job or work to do in our lives. As infants and toddlers it was to grow, develop and learn how to communicate with others. As we aged we learned how to become more independent. As we entered school we learned the responsibility of good behavior, doing our home work and effective study skills. As teenagers we went out and found our first real job; someone paid us to work. Now we work to pay for all that we have; our families; education, food, healthcare, our homes, and our hobbies. We have always worked in one way or another in our lives. Believe it or not the work will never end. When we retire it will be more like childhood a different kind of responsibility and fun times but there will still be work involved.

Working is part of our human condition. We work to grow, develop, learn, and support our families and our lifestyle. Hard work is something to be proud of in our lives. Sure work is not the fun of childhood and sometimes it just plain stinks but it is a necessity of our culture. We should accept the responsibility and embrace what we can learn from our work.

How can your job help you to grow as an individual? What can your work teach you that will benefit your family? How does it make you feel to know that what you do every day at work gives your spouse, children and loved ones the opportunity to develop fully in their own lives?

Today, think about those questions. Instead of dreading your job, mix it up and look at it from a new perspective. We have worked all of our lives in different ways. How is this job helping you or others to grow and develop into the person you were meant to be? (Here is a hint; it is not always obvious. Sometimes you have to dig deep to figure it out.)

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