We Do Not Worship Idols, February 17, 2014 Daily Reflection

The Old St. Anthony's Church downtown Louisville

The Old St. Anthony’s Church downtown Louisville

I truly enjoy listening to Baptist preachers talk about the scriptures on the radio. I am very accepting and open to different viewpoints of faith. However, when preachers start demeaning the Catholic Church because they consider us to be “idol worshippers” I have to turn the channel. I want to explain to them that we have sacramentals all over our church to wake up our senses, they tell the stories of our saints, they bring the traditions to life, and the senses of a Catholic person are enlivened by our tradition, symbols and signs.

We worship one God; a triune God; God the father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. There are many ways to pray and our church believes in touching all senses of the human being to bring them to awareness of God. I LOVE our Churches and I LOVE that the Catholic Church has so many charities and outreach programs and that we love people where they are right now. I LOVE that Pope Francis is our leader and that he is illustrating the teachings of Jesus Christ daily.

I will always be open to listening and learning about different faiths but I will always change the channel when others are taking viewpoints about  the “facts” of my Church that are unfounded. We do not worship idols. We worship God.

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