Wouldn’t You Agree? July 9, 2014 Daily Reflection


Wouldn’t you agree that the hardest part of a tough job is starting it?

Wouldn’t you agree that it is easier to find something else important to do yet, not what you should be doing?

Wouldn’t you agree that when you procrastinate you feel worse than if you had just buckled down and done the work?

Wouldn’t you agree that right now I am writing a blog to procrastinate the work of answering 25 questions for my Old Testament Course ┬áthat are difficult, in depth and will take 2 or more hours intense hours of my day?

If you would agree you would be right! Now, you really know how human I am!!! Now, that I have blown off more of my time I am going to do my work.

At least I know I am not alone in this struggle everyone has times of procrastination! Because wouldn’t you agree we are all human?

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