Writing Christmas Cards, December 12 Saturday Tidbit

Writing Christmas Cards

Writing Christmas Cards

Today began the long held tradition of writing my Christmas Cards.  I of course have a list I add to every year.  I am ready this year, I purchased more cards than needed, just in case someone who is not on my list sends me a card I can send one back to them.  I love the Christmas season for so many different reasons.  One of the best is that it is exciting to look in the mailbox each day of December.  That is one of the highlights wondering how many cards will be in the box and who they will be from.  Opening the envelope seeing a picture of how much children have grown, hearing the news of the year from each family and finding out someone you did not know that well cares enough to take the time to write you a Christmas Card.  It is so touching. 

In a day and age where correspondence through writing only happens with email and we are lucky to make a phone call weekly to our parents or grandparents, the tradition of writing Christmas Cards is a sacred one that I treasure.  Sure it takes time and effort to purchase the cards, to spend money on the stamps and the sheer task of writing 15 – 75 cards takes time but it’s worth every second, every penny and every word. When the outcome is bringing  joy to our family, friends and others during this season of God’s love, it is another way to spread it simply from our house to yours.

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