Writing Formal Papers, July 7, 2017 Daily Reflection


Yesterday, I started writing my 15 page course paper for the History of Christian Spirituality. After this paper I will have one more course to complete my Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry! The last course is a capstone of the entire 4.5 year program. The culmination of the program will be a 40 page paper that is due in December. Then I will have earned my degree. However, right now I have to hunker down and sift through the materials and write about the growth of monasteries before and through the middle ages. I am anticipating the section about mysticism and modern day spirituality. I can’t seem to get to that point soon enough. With God’s help I will endure.

There is such a difference in writing formal MLA style papers compared to blogging. There has to be research and citations, correct form, and bibliographies. These elements of writing are important to understand and I have learned so much about them through this program. I have also learned how much I appreciate the free form of writing for my blog, journals, and essays. There is such a flow to open my heart to what I believe God is guiding me towards writing. I have been praying for the endurance, motivation, and help to write what God wants me to write for this paper. Each paper I have written has been overwhelming but I have never received any grade lowere than an A, so I guess God comes through for me every time. This part of the process is pain staking. I will get to the better part soon. If you have a moment people say a small prayer for me to write this paper well. Thanks!!!

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