You are a gift, August 9 2011 Daily Reflection


Do you believe? Do you believe in God the creator? Do you believe that He is in fact the Alpha and the Omega? Do you believe that He created life? Do you believe that every life is precious and should be protected?

If you answered yes, then you must believe You Are a Gift from God!!

God makes no mistakes; He makes beauty, love, kindness and goodness. God created you, your heart, your brain and your soul for a purpose. Without your existence our world would be incomplete.

You are a gift from God to our world. Your life will serve a purpose! Our job on this earth is to search out that purpose and fulfill it.

No matter where you are in this life you have a purpose. Search deep within to find those gifts that God bestowed so generously upon you so many years ago. Then use those gifts to their fullest potential. I have a mission: To move people closer to God one word at a time. But that mission will change and grow as I discerned other gifts from God. What is your mission statement for your life?

To live life to the fullest

To love as if there is no tomorrow

To be a good parent and role model

To be the best version of yourself

Find one that fits you and live it! Because you my friend are a gift from God!!!

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