You Can Do It! June 4, 2018 Daily Reflection

My Graduation 2018

I guess I have always been a person who felt there are no limitations in my life. I thought if I want to do it I can do it! When I decided I wanted to be a motivational speaker I figured out a way to do it and I did it. When I wanted to be a writer I started writing a blog and have not missed a day in almost 9 years. Although I have been rejected several times by publishers, I have NEVER stopped writing! When I decided to become a retreat leader and creator, I did it! When I thought I would do it for a high school 5 years ago I was rejected. Then I was hired as a teacher at a different high school and thought Ok, I will be a teacher, and I did it! I knew I needed a Master’s Degree to be a teacher, I thought it would help with any career in spirituality so I did it! It was a long program, 4 years, as I went back to work full-time into a brand NEW career teaching, at the same time but I did it! Now, I am a retreat director at a high school, it just took 5 years and a degree to get there.

I have always been goal oriented and not yet met every goal but I never stop trying. I think there is no limit to what I can do. I am determined. But more than anything when I know God is guiding me, I KNOW God will help me to get through anything. Without the energy of the Holy Spirit, the support of my faith and family, and my understanding of sacrifice, I could do NOTHING at all. I can do anything through God who strengthens me in all ways and you can do it too!

What do you want to do? With God the world is limitless!

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