You Made It, October 18, 2012 Daily Reflection

Anna cut her hair to donate for cancer patients in honor of grandpa’s fight against cancer. He won that fight!

Right when you start to wonder and possibly go down that road of doubting God He drops a gift in your lap. Looking back on your life can find times when you really thought you would not make it through a relationship, a job, a project, a test, or a day? Did you make it? Obviously you made it. Or you would not be reading this today.

Now, think to yourself for a moment how did you make it through? Was it with the help of your friends and family? Was it with the strength of your faith? Was it because when that door shut a window you never knew existed opened?

As people we tend to panic quickly. When things go wrong, which they often do, we throw our hands up in the air and question God. We have all gone through these times and felt lost, bewildered and sometimes even neglected but we made it through them. We need to look at where we were then and where we are today. Think back to when you said “I will never be able to handle this.” Well, my friend the truth is that you did handle it.

God sends us gifts to get us through. Sometimes it is just a positive phrase someone posts on Face book or Twitter. Other times it is a phone call you never expected from an old friend. Once in awhile it is an unmistakable sign from God that He is right there with you.

I have experienced panic, fears and just good old plain worry about the future. But I am still here. God has helped me through. At each turn there was a smile, a loved one, a kind comment, a gentle gesture and sometimes the feeling that God literally caught me from dropping into an abyss.

Depend on God and He will carry you through. Do the best you can to follow Him and do His will daily. God loves you and wants you to love others. He shows us how through His love for us. Each time you start to doubt remember you made it through all those other times and you did not make it through alone.

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