Your Candy Cabin, August 21, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake looking at the Candy Cabin

There Jake sits gazing at the Candy Cabin at Squire Boone Cavern’s old fashioned village. If you ask Jake what his favorite food is he will say with strong conviction “SUGAR”. He loves his candy. His grandparents always have it readily available for him when we visit. I patrol it in our house because that is all he would eat if given the opportunity. It is so sweet, tasty and delightful to his taste buds. Candy is what Jake longs for daily.

We all long for something; a bigger house, more money, a new car, sweet treats, a way to stay thin without having to exercise and the list goes on and on. As adults we have to patrol our own longings because like the candy at the grandparent’s houses there is too much readily available to us in our culture. If we want a bigger house most banks will approve the loan but then we will have to eventually foreclose because we could not afford it. Some people just steal the money they want by cheating on their income taxes, embezzling or just flat out stealing from others. The weight loss industry is making millions off of our desire to be thin by just taking weight loss pills etc. None of these desires should be met in these ways. What happened to self control and discipline? What happened to working hard and earning a new house? What happened to our values?

There are many people who do have values and self discipline. We all have desires but as mature adults we need to be responsible and use the intelligence God gave us. We need to remember the values we were raised with and not give into every temptation and desire we may have daily.

God will take care of your needs. He may not provide you with a huge house, lots of money and a way to look like a super model. He may not grant your every desire but He will give you sweets. We just have to recognize the candy cabin in our own lives. Our God given candy is given to us in the form of nature’s beauty and the love of others. Enjoy the sweetness you are given daily by your Father in heaven.


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