Your Favorite Teacher, March 17, 2015 Daily Reflection

Jake's favorite teacher

Jake’s favorite teacher

Reflect back to your school days. Can you remember some of your teachers? Can you recall your favorite teacher? What made that person your favorite? Was it there kindness and caring nature? Was it their teaching methods? Or was it because you were their favorite student?

Everyone has a favorite teacher for different reasons. However, I think there is one constant, there must be a connection between the teacher and the student. If the student connects with that teacher’s personality, ideas, teaching methods, humor or interests, a relationship forms. The teachers I remember fondly were kind and caring. They listened to me and took the time to really ask how I was doing in life. It is said often but I believe it is true; it’s not what you teach that the students will remember it is how much you care. I sincerely care for each and everyone of my students. Some can drive me nuts and completely annoy me but I still love them.

I think Jesus would agree it’s all about the love. We remember those teachers who loved us and whom we loved. If your favorite teacher is still around you should send them an email and let them know how much he/she meant to you. Treasure those memories and share the love with others like that teacher did with you.

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