Your painted picture, June 12 Saturday Tidbit

Child walking across the beach at sunset

Salt in the air, waves crashing upon the shore, crisp breeze and setting sun it is picture perfect painted in my mind for a lifetime. Peace, harmony, relaxation, time away from normal life to just live in the moment inhaling it all. A little boy chases the waves, his shadow etched into the wet sand and although I never met him he will remain in the scene as well.

Do you have a picture painted in your mind that you can go to¬†when life gets crazy? Where have you been that literally took your breath away, what scene is painted in your memory that you may draw on in times of distress? Close your eyes and let your mind go there and find all the details, some you didn’t know were there before. Then inhale that air and exhale your anxiety. Be a part of that scene once more let your body, your mind and your memory relax for this moment leave reality and truly relax…

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