Your School, July 17, 2013 Daily Reflection


Is it 4 walls, some windows, a door and a teacher? Is your school an institution for children to be disciplined, imprisoned and tortured by old school teachers who no longer care about the youth? Or are you in an environment conducive to learning, not just regurgitating information on tests and quizzes? Are you being challenged to think more critically and analyze more in depth? Are you learning how to learn or just trying to be the best student?

School should not be just about the test scores! It should be about learning, relationships with authority, peers and others in that place. Education should be exciting, challenging and expanding horizons. It is a place to learn how to be social, to cope with difficult situatitions, to learn how to learn, how to teach and how to be open.

Allow your teachers to teach you the core truths of our society, the history of our world, the way to live in society, and how to care for ourselves and others. Schools should each have a mission statement of growth, outreach and developing the entire person not just their GPA.

What type of school are you associated with at this point in your life?

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