Your Shade Tree, August 26 Daily Reflection

A Shade Tree

Bearing down on us was the blazing heat of this unforgiving summer, sweat trickled down our backs and on our foreheads. So we found refuge under the welcoming branches of this tree. The shade relieved us temporarily and we were appreciative for the reprieve. We knew we would have to venture once more into the heat of the mid day sun but if only for a few minutes we were cooled by the shade of the tree.

Life can be harsh and unforgiving. Many times we feel the heat of the world bearing down on our backs; the burdens we carry are heavy and many times crippling. The problems of this life can take their tolls on our minds, bodies and souls. Where do we go for a temporary relief from this life? What will provide the shade and reprieve from the pain?

We can cool down beneath the loving shade of God’s amazing grace. God provides shade literally from his vast creations of nature as well as other human beings. That hug you get from your children when you walk in the door and see them for the first time that day or after school it is refreshing. That warm “Hey, honey how are you doing today?”  You hear on the other end of the line sometimes makes you sigh with relief. Snuggling on the couch to read your child a book, or with your spouse in front of the TV at night can provide all the temporary refuge we need to go back into the next day and the heat of our ever day lives.

Today, find your shade tree. Tell your spouse, your child, and God Thank you and rest beneath its loving branches cooled and relaxed if only for a moment today.


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