Your Trail Map, September 23 Daily Reflection

Trail Map

Are you a planner? Did you know at age 30 you would be married and have 2.5 children, a mortgage, a minivan and a great career? Or did life just happen you stumbled upon a great guy and you now have 1 child, a mortgage, will never do the minivan soccer mom scene and you have a decent job?

We are all so different in this life. Some of us have the trail map from a young age. We know our options and which color to follow and which color to stay away from. We know which path will lead in a circle and which will connect to another path. Some of us were never shown a map and our personalities would not have accepted a schedule for our lives. Some of us just want to live completely in the moment and are content to see where that gets us in life.

Neither way is better than the other. Yet, we constantly collide with others who are different from us and our philosophies in this life. Should we be self righteous and think that we have found the “right” way to live and that others just don’t “get” it?

There are too many people in this world that think they have found the “only” way to do things. The more open you are to life and others the more you are able to grow as an individual. None of us know for certain the “correct” way to live our lives. If we can see that in general we are all trying to go in the same direction…towards a future filled with love, kindness and goodness…then does it matter what path we take to get there?

 Let each person you meet on the path be who they are, respect each person and stop judging. We were given life to live it to the fullest and each one of us has a different path to take in which to do it. Instead of colliding on the trails of life, open your eyes to the people passing by, smile at them say hi and live your life with kindness, goodness and love every day of your life and you will be on the “right” path.


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