Your Way, February 11, 2013 Daily Reflection

My Bank’s slogan

The Way of our Faith

Your life. Your Money. Your Way – That is the slogan for my bank. It makes since they want to advertise that it is our bank and our choices. How much does that slogan contradict our faith?

The role model of our faith is Jesus Christ on a cross dying for others. He gave His entire life for the good of others. Our world is very “me” centered but our faith is “other” centered. In our faith we should concentrate on doing the will of God not our own will, on giving others what they need not stepping on them to get to our own stuff.

How do we live our lives? Do we live the way our culture desires “Me” centered or do we live the way our faith teaches “other” centered? Maybe we are in between.

Today, think about the ways and places in your life that you could change “me” to “others” and how that would change your will to the will of God.

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