Your Will Be Done, February 1, 2016 Daily Reflection

Spencer Praying

Spencer Praying

The agony in the garden –

Jesus Christ said “Abba, Father, all things are possible to you.

Take this cup away from me, but not what I will but what you will.”

Mark 14: 32-42


More often than not we make this request to God. We pray God please take this struggle, crisis, disease, death, issue, or problem away from me. We know that God you can do anything so please take it away. Seldom are the times that we pray God, this is what I desire but your will be done. Have you ever spoken those words to God? God, I know you are able to change my life, please fix my problem, but I will be ok with whatever you decide.


People talk a great deal of “giving it to God”. Let God take your worries and your problems and life will be better. Well, we humans tend to be control freaks. We do not want to relinquish our “control” so we grasp the problem even tighter than before. Most of the time we are squeezing the air out of the problem and it becomes even more significant and concentrated. We seem to irritate the problem. Yet, we have been taught to let it go. How many of us believe anything can be solved if we relinquish control?


There is no resolution more uplifting, gratifying or freeing than to truly request for God’s will to be done. When we relinquish control we open our hearts, actions, and lives to the guidance of God. God knows what is best for us. God will pull us through every single situation we experience in this life to bring us to the next life. Our problem is with belief, faith, and trust. We must believe that God loves us, have faith that God will guide us, and trust that God will take care of us. Full surrender is like nothing you have ever experienced before and if you can do it like Jesus Christ did it in the Garden then your life will change forever. Jesus prayed in that garden knowing full well that he would be tortured and killed in a painful way. He surrendered knowing the agony he would endure. Most of us do not have the same problem Jesus encountered. So, believe, have faith, and trust that God’s will is the best way to go.


Today, pray about your problem and ask, “but not what I will what you will.” If you pray this sincerely your life can change forever.

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