Lighting, April 25, 2016 Daily Reflection



The lighting makes all the difference in a photograph. I was a professional photographer for six years part time. I know how important lighting is for the finished photograph. Depending upon the lighting there could be shadows, gray spots, or one could not see the subject matter as it is in reality. Catching that moment in time can be changed depending on the light.

My daughter and I were taking pictures in the Park Lands, our newest parks in Louisville. She captured the sun rays spectacularly. I of course had to do the same. Photographing the same flowers from different angles rendered completely different pictures. When I was able to show the light shining down upon the flower yet not overpowering it, instead making it appear to glow or have its own radiance, I knew I had the shot I was trying for.

That is how God is in our lives. He shines his love on our lives, but does not wash us out or overpower our existence. Instead when we accept the love and light of God every one else can see that radiance be lit within our souls, and we begin to glow. Others will observe a difference when one accepts God’s love freely and from his/her soul the love will radiate from his/her very being. Just like the flowers we are also delicate, precious, beautiful creations of God there to shine the love of God into the world.

How will you shine today? Will your soul radiate the love of God from within? Try it today! Let God’s love get into your soul.

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