As Retreat Leaders and Motivational speakers

these are our goals 

  •  To expand our own ministry in providing retreat experiences to new populations of people.
  •  To inspire people in their personal faith journeys.
  •  To provide an outlet for peaceful prayer and meditation
  •  To encourage a sense of affirmation in each individuals calling from God.

Are you ready for a retreat? Is your Church or Organization looking for a new fresh way to energize your members?

I want to stay right there in that room on retreat day relaxed in the moment. I want to retreat daily. One of the moms on our latest Faith Filled Mom retreats said “Thank you God for this time, this peace and this moment, because I know when I go home the chaos will ensue.” I understand what she means. A retreat doesn’t take away your reality. It just gives you a break from reality. A retreat is a place to find others who understand and want to support you. It gives you the tools to handle the stress better. It gives you new ideas on how to reconnect with God through prayer in your life. A retreat will not change the world around you but it can change your perspective, your attitude and your priorities. Everyone needs a retreat. EVERYONE! We are all searching for peace, quiet and a new way to handle the pressure and stress of our world. Consider a retreat!

As staff and spiritual leaders are you prepared to offer your members a different way to form friendships and bonds that they are seeking but can’t seem to find?

Are you ready to think outside of the box just a bit?

Lori Hadorn- Disselkamp & Jenny Schiller are a team of women who are ready to help you on your quest to bring moms, women and married couples together in their faith. They do this through a variety of ways. Through motivational talks, exciting activities, thought provoking discussions, guided meditations and prayer. Their energy, inspiration and spirit lead influence will bring people together, guide them to new growth and give them tools for stress management and a deeper prayer life individually and as couples.

If you are ready to change things up and bring people together then it’s time to check out the opportunities they offer:

Retreats/Seminars/Workshops we offer:

 Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! – Unwrapping the gift of Christmas


San Diego Radio Interview about Gifts! Gifts! Gifts : SanDiegoRadio

Escape the Christmas Mania for a unique event and discover the true meaning of Christmas. Leave all of your stress behind, gain new ways to simplify your Christmas and learn to celebrate the true gift of God’s Love. This 3 hour event will give you a more meaningful perspective of Christmas. This event is designed for the holiday season so book a date now for November or December of next year.

St. Bernard, KY Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!  Retreat

“Both Lori & Jenny presented well & made the event fun & fulfilling” – Gifts! Gifts!

St. Albert, KY Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Retreat

Faith Filled Mom Retreat: Relax, Restore, Renew

A 6 hour retreat for moms to “Relax, Restore and Renew” Themselves; this is a retreat allows moms of all ages to interact and form friendships. They will be supported by one another in small group discussions, activities and prayer. They will be lead through talks,r meditation and to become aware of their calling to be a mom. They will learn practical modern ways to pray and stress relief techniques for their everyday lives.


Sacred Heart, Jeffersonville, IN Faith Filled Mom Retreat

“Thank you so much! It was inspiring to see we all have the same issues and that it is “normal” OK.” – Mom’s Retreat

Faith Filled Mom Retreat at St. Athanasius KY

Faith Filled Mom Retreat at St. Anthony in Clarksville, IN

 Best part of the retreat was:

“Peace & Calm & relaxing time” “Fellowship”
“Sharing the ups and downs of motherhood”

Faith Filled Mom Retreat in Brandenburg, KY at St. John the Apostle

 “Meeting and Talking to new people”
“Being with moms of all stages.”

A Woman’s Strength

A 6 hour retreat for women of all ages to explore their own strengths of character. It is a day for woman ages 18 and older to be inspired and appreciated for the unique gift of being exactly who they are today.  This is a place for women to improve their self image, gain awareness of their spirituality, form new friendships and embrace their individuality. This will be accomplished through powerful talks, group discussions, guided meditation, and chapel time in prayer along with group activities.

A woman’s strength retreat

“A beautiful day and a spiritual experience.”

 – Woman’s Strength

A Woman’s Strength Retreat at St. Gabriel, KY

A Woman’s Faith 

This day retreat is for women of all ages to explore the roots of their own personal faith journey and to discover new ways to live out their faith in everyday life. It is a day dedicated to woman, allowing them to form new friendships, relax in meditative prayer and be inspired by motivational talks as well as interactive activities.

“Circle Time” during the Speed Memorial Woman’s Faith Retreat

“Meditative moments helped me relax and thus be more accepting of myself and my place in the world at this time.”

– Woman of Faith Retreat Comment

Table Discussions at Woman of Faith Retreat at Speed Memorial Church

Ignite, Rekindle, Shine – The Spirit Within

This retreat allows the participant to experience the Holy Spirit in nature, motivational talks, and a custom made video and through group discussions and activities. There is also meditative prayer and reflection time included in this retreat. It breathes life, support and fresh ways to discover how the Holy Spirit is working in your life today. It is a wonderful retreat especially for those who teach or lead others spiritually.

Two women on our nature walk during the Ignite, Rekindle, Shine Retreat

“It really re-lit my being to “go forth” again!

The best part of the retreat was reflecting and meditating with nature.

It gave me a chance to thank God for all of His beautiful creation”

-Ignite, Rekindle, Shine Comment

Jennifer giving a motivational talk on the Ignite, Rekindle, Shine Retreat

“The best part of the retreat for me was being able to share with others and to laugh together with others in ministry.”

-Ignite, Rekindle, Shine Comment

FISH Retreat

This retreat was created to introduce and reinforce the FISH philosophy. The four basic principles of FISH are: Be present, Play, Make their day and choose your attitude. Teambuilding activities, fun skits, creative play, as well as meditative prayer and reflection are all included in this retreat. It was a very positive experience for the faculty and staff of St. Mary Academy. It helped them to grow closer as coworkers and provided new ideas for their school this year. It is a great retreat/seminar for any school, parish, organization or business group searching for a way to help connect and inspire their employees.


Group skits the teachers put together

“This experience helped to give me the opportunity for fellowship and laughter”

“It gave me a boost of energy!”

– Comments from the teachers from The St. Mary Academy FISH Retreat

Couples Series: Couples Survival Guide

This seminar can be set up as 3 different sessions or an all day workshop. It features the 4C’s: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Couple’s Faith and Commitment. Couples are invited to join other couples in a safe, supportive and uplifting environment to reconnect and to learn more about each other. They will be encouraged to grow in their relationships and be inspired in their faith journey together. These 4C’s: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Couple’s Faith and Commitment will be explored through group activities, powerful talks, couple activities and fellowship.


Sign from the motivational talks we gave at St. Patrick’s Valentine’s Dinner

Motivational Talks

We also give motivational talks to Church groups, moms groups and other organizations that are looking for a 20 – 40 minute inspirational talk. Please email me if you are looking for a keynote speaker to bring energy, motivation and inspiration to your group.



Any of the above retreats/seminars can be brought to your parish. We also custom tailor retreats to the needs of your parish. If you are interested in setting up a meeting please contact Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp at [email protected] (502) 231-4281 or Jennifer Schiller [email protected] (502) 553-9153

Upcoming Events:



Past Retreats we have led:

Gingerwoods – Prospect, KY Non Denominational – 2 Faith Filled Mom Retreats

St. Athanansius – Louisville, KY Catholic Parish – Faith Filled Mom Retreat

St. Barnabas – Louisville, KY Catholic Preschool Directors – You Are a Gift From God Retreat

St. Gabriel – Louisville, KY Catholic Parish – A Woman’s Strength Retreat

Sacred Heart – Jeffersonville, IN Catholic Parish – Faith Filled Mom Retreat

St. Bernard – Louisville, KY Catholic Parish – Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! – Unwrapping the Gift of Christmas Retreat

St. Albert the Great – Louisville, KY Catholic Parish – Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! – Unwrapping the Gift of Christmas Retreat

Speed Memorial Church – Sellersburg, IN Non Denominational – A Woman’s Faith Retreat

St. Patrick – Louisville, KY Catholic Parish – Motivational Talks for Couples Valentine’s Dinner

St. Anthony – Clarksville, IN Catholic Parish – Faith Filled Mom Retreat

St. John The Apostle – Brandenburg, Ky,- Faith Filled Mom Retreat

Archdiocese of Louisville PCL – Crestwood, KY – Ignite, Rekindle, Shine – The Spirit Within

St. Mary Academy Faculty/Admin Retreat – St. Mary Academy – FISH Retreat

St. Gregory Parish – Nelson County, KY –  Motivational Talk – Faith in the Family

St. Margaret Mary Parish – Louisville , KY – Motivational Talks: The Women’s Advent Tea & Prayer – In Today’s World

St. John The Apostle Parish – Bradenburg, KY -April 20, 2013 You Are a Gift From God Retreat

Catechists & Teachers of the Archdiocese of Louisville at Epiphany -Friday, June 21, 2013 You Are a Gift From God

Together Lori and Jenny have a mission to bring people closer to God, to one another and help them become more aware and grow fully into the person God intended for them to be.

Introduction to Faith Filled Leaders


Retreat Leaders & Fellow Moms

About Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

Bio: Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp is the writer of the Faith Filled Mom Website and a motivational speaker as well as a stay at home mom of four children and the volunteer coordinator of the children’s learning service program at their grade school.  She has a passion for speaking and writing about the presence of God in our everyday lives.[email protected]

About Jennifer Schiller

Bio: Jennifer Schiller is a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist and Pastoral Counselor. She provides counseling for children, adolescents, and adults and supervises counselors in training. She has trained in family and community mediation and works toward peaceful resolution of conflict. She speaks with numerous groups to promote stress-free home, work, and school environments. She is a mother of four daughters and has three grandsons. [email protected]


About the Faith Filled Retreats/Seminars/Workshops

Thanks for visiting my site. Since the inception of Faithfilledmom I have been on a journey lead by God to pour my heart out to each of you daily. If you ever wonder where I get my ideas to write I truly believe they are inspired by God. I take lots of pictures of everything, everywhere (Over 6,000 thus far) then I sit down at my computer review the pictures and God whispers ideas into my thoughts. Many times I have an idea I want to write about and suddenly the idea has shifted completely, that’s God!

Well, God gave me another idea! I have started giving motivational talks here and there and I love it!! So the thought occurred to me I should have a day for Moms (just moms) to get away from life, to retreat for 6 hours away from spouses, kids, chores, work and all responsibilities, to literally retreat. I went to a friend of mine who is a Licensed Family and Marriage Counselor and pitched my idea to her and asked her if she wanted to collaborate to create a series of Faith Filled Mom Retreats. She said Yes! Since that time we have held two retreats for Moms. We are now branching out into Women’s Seminars as well as Couple’s Workshops. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization to custom tailor an event for your members.

Mission: To encourage, inspire, and support others in their faith and every day life.

VisionTo provide a supportive environment in which all people will have the opportunity to feel nurtured, relieved, stress free be encouraged to connect with other moms and build new friendships. To send all forth into their everyday lives equipped with new sills for stress management, reconnected with their faith and empowered to embrace their vocation in this life.

I cannot express to each of you how excited I am to combine my different passions together to encourage, inspire and support others through my writing and now motivational speaking through these retreats/seminars and workshops.


Sponsor a Retreat at your Location

How to set up a Faith Filled Retreat/Seminar/Workshop at your own location:

Confirm a date, time, location, and cost for the retreat with Lori and Jenny.

  1. Use church bulletin announcement, flyer, email, and any other means of communicating with moms and promoting the retreat.
  2. We will forward promotional materials to you.
  3. Have moms sign up for the retreat by accessing the online retreat page and application at .
  4. The minimum attendance for a retreat at your location is 25 moms; the maximum  is 40.
  5. All payments must be received 10 days before the scheduled retreat date.
  6. All food and beverages are to be provided by your site.
  7. All hand-outs and other materials will be provided by us.
  8. Please have your location prepared at least one hour before the scheduled start time for the retreat.
  9. A description of the set-up specifics for your retreat will be sent to you upon your agreement to these terms.
  10. We will set up a phone conference with you one week prior to the retreat date to discuss final details.
  11. Please contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding setting up a Faith Filled Mom Retreat at your location.

Have a seat

Faith Filled Mom Retreat

What Moms are saying

What Moms are saying about The Faith Filled Mom Retreat:

“The best part of the retreat for me was enjoying the day with other moms, talking about things we have in common and relaxing and chilling out.”

“Lori and Jenny make a great combination: having a younger mom of younger kids and one of older kids was great.”

“My favorite part of the retreat was meeting and talking with other moms, discovering that others struggle to find balance just as I do.”

“I had a great time, felt relaxed, and loved connecting with the other moms.  I was truly inspired by the messages that Lori & Jenny shared.    Every detail of the day was beyond perfect!”

Consider having a seat….




On a Faith Filled Retreat,

I know we all need it!

The question is will you give this gift to yourself this year?