All Experiences, June 29, 2018 Daily Reflection

Sometimes, I reflect on the horrible situations I have lived through and think why did I have to endure that pain? What was the point? It always takes time but after much deep reflection, after stepping back from it, I usually find the answer. I grow from the pain.

We all grow from every single experience of our lives. Even the boring parts of life. We can learn from each moment, each person, each experience. But when we are in the middle of the experience it seems pointless. It’s amazing what time away and an objective perspective from a trusted person in your life can do. I am a spiritual director now! As a spiritual director, I have to have my own spiritual director. She is AMAZING! She can take situations that I am emotionally wrapped up in and break them down objectively. Then I can see them from a different perspective. She is also a counselor. Counselors are excellent at breaking experiences down from an objective point of view. I personally think every person could benefit from a personal counselor! They can provide insight we just can’t or won’t see.

God has given us the gift of free will, as such people choose good and sometimes they choose evil. Collisions of choices occur and so do accidents and diseases. God doesn’t make these things happen. God is there holding us in every choice we make and every consequence we face. God is not a puppeteer, planning our every move. God creates us, supports us, and loves us but allows us to make every choice. In that free will all types of experiences will take place. It is our job to break it down afterwards and grow from it so the next choice we make is one of love and generosity. Don’t hate your experiences; learn from them and choose to create more loving ones in the future.

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