Why Not? April 21, 2014 Daily Reflection

Anna donating her hair in her grandpa's name after he kicked cancer's butt

Anna donating her hair in her grandpa’s name after he kicked cancer’s butt

Have you been loved at some point in your life by your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends or others? I mean truly loved, like that person sacrificed for you and cared for you, type of love.If you have ever been loved like that before think about how it has effected you as a person. Did it make you kinder, more considerate, happy or confident?

Now, think about how much your love could effect another person’s life. If you have known that type of love then why not give it away freely to as many people as you possibly can?

Don’t deny love to others, don’t deny kindness, generosity or goodness. The more love you put into the world the more our world will be filled with people who truly love and care for one another. How can peace truly be achieved? Only with love!


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