Artist on the pier, February 26 Daily Reflection

Artist on the pier

Laughter, music, singing shouting, the creaking of the heavy wooden planks of the Santa Monika Pier, life was there. There sat a Hispanic artist so delicately and precisely painting little pieces of art to sell to the passer bys. He sat in his blue camping chair; the straw hat shaded him from the direct sunlight. Undisturbed by the life all about him he sat working on his trade and displayed it on a little table. He was not haggling with people to purchase his artwork. Nor was he yelling or advertising it at all. He was just using his talents to create and very humbly displaying his work for purchase.

In a world of laughter, noise and great activity it is difficult to concentrate or so fully focus on one talent. We are so distracted by life how can we do just one thing at a time? How can we pay close attention to the details in the middle of the boardwalk and piers of our lives? If only we could take the gifts that God has given us and develop them with the precision and delicate manner of the artist on the pier then maybe we would be doing justice to the potential God sees in each of us. Let us all learn from the artist on the pier!

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