Women’s Rights, September 28, 2018 Daily Reflection

Quote about courage

I was able to take some comp time from the senior retreat and relax at home. I actually watched a movie! I love Kiera Knightly, I watched Duchess. Oh my goodness, the 1800’s was a horrible time for women in royalty and all women!! Men owned their wives and could rape them, it wasn’t against the law. Kiera’s character had to live with the fact that her husband had a live in mistress. If she choose to leave she would never see her children again. The law could keep them from her. She was imprisoned in this horrible life.

I thank God I didn’t live in that time. Instead I live in a time where women are calling out the males who have sexually harassed and abused them. They are reclaiming their power. The law is finally bringing some justice to the horrible acts of males in our society. I thank God I have the right to vote, own property, work, or get a divorce. Watching that movie made me realize how oppressed the female gender has been for all of history. I am excited and proud to be a woman who is influencing other women to move forward and embrace their power.

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