Boston, April 27, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Brownstones of Boston

A different city; Boston, a different area; the north, different types of houses; brownstones, a different accent; not our southern drawl; but the people are all the same. All of the people I encountered on our adventure to Boston were friendly, warm and welcoming especially to the marathon runners.

After my husband completed the marathon we headed to the subway to get back to our hotel. The subways were filled with Red Sox fans leaving Fenway Park after their traditional Patriot’s Day Game. The area was packed. I heard a young woman announce “Let the marathon runners on the subway first!” Once we were boarded a stereotypical Red Sox fan, the shirt, the accent and all, got up from his seat and gave it to my husband who had obviously just run the race. All those strangers on that subway congratulated him on his victory.

I have heard the stereotypes about the north but I will testify that my experiences were pleasant ones with kind, generous and giving people in Boston. We may have been in totally different surroundings but the people were just as kind as the people from my old Kentucky Home.

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