Certified Spiritual Director, April 26, 2018 Daily Reflection

Sunday I received my certification as a Spiritual Director!! I have been in a 9 month spiritual direction internship program. I have read books, been on several weekend retreats, attended weekly classes, and directed a few people. It has been an amazing program. I was able to learn how to truly listen attentively with my whole heart to another person. I am learning how to be a spiritual companion. No matter where you are in life you are on a journey. As a spiritual director I am able to listen and invite you to search your heart and soul for the divinity that resides there. It has been a humbling experience to be able to walk this journey with others. I hope to walk this journey with many people in the future. This is something I can do when I am old and retired. One can always listen! For now I intend to use this experience to facilitate spiritual conversations at Sacred Heart. It is such a blessing to be certified as a spiritual director!!!

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