Christmas Season, November 27 Saturday Tidbit

Snowy the snowman

We are still eating the left overs from the Thanksgiving Day Feasts yet the Christmas Season has begun. Black Friday started the fury that is the Christmas shopping syndrome here in America. This year just a thought: Instead of running over others to snatch up that material possesion you lust for as a gift, slow down and think about a gift that comes from your heart not a store.

 Just a few alternative ideas:

Give the gift of a date for parents and include babysitting, just give a gift card to help pay for the date.

Give a homemade gift card to your parents/grandparents good for a home cooked meal once a month.

Take your grandkids to a toy store and pick out the Christmas gift together.

Write a letter to a friend and tell how much you care for them, things you would never say in person.

This year think of ways to give what people want the most: time together and your love.

Just a thought!

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