Creative Children, March 8, 2014 Saturday Tidbit

Jake's unbroken egg

Jake’s unbroken egg

Last weekend we went to the University of Louisville, Speed School of Engineering Expo. My children had a great time. There were many hands on activities for children. This is Jake proudly holding his egg that did not break. The children had to try to make some type of vessel to house the egg in and then drop it about 15 feet. Each of my children managed to successfully create a secure vessel with some creativity.

Many of my students think it is ridiculous that my children are limited to video games, computers, phones and TV. They get 30 minutes a day on these devices unless we are watching TV as a family. I know the reason my children are so creative it is because their brains have been challenged to be creative. They have played in the backyard together, creating inventing and participating in games and imaginary play for years. They are able to think outside of the box because I have never let them just sit in front of one continuously.

Give your children the opportunity to be creative and entertain themselves and one another instead of letting a box squelch their imaginations.

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