The Day Before Spring Break, March 31, 2017 Daily Reflection

This has been the longest week ever (except for my first week of teaching)! I have watched at least 20 senior capstone presentations. I was very pleased to watch every presentation, and so proud of many of my students. However, it is taxing to grade each project and to be attentive for three hours straight. I am extremely interested in their presentations and how they present. This is the last day of presentations and it is bittersweet. I LOVE this senior class and this is one of my last interactions with the students. So, I am relieved it is almost over but sad that it is almost over.

I am also concerned about the welfare of the majority of my seniors who will be on Spring Break in Florida. No good can come of the things that transpire when seniors in high school are able to go to Florida unsupervised. I will be praying for my students and all of those teens to make good, healthy, moral choices.

Today, is an intense day. Tomorrow will start my spring break and I am beyond ready for that break!!!

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