Family Bike Rides, November 26 2011, Saturday Tidbit

Aaron putting a bike on the top bike rack

We love to go bike riding as a family, at the park, down by the river and sometimes out of town. Of course in order to get all 6 bikes to different places we have 2 bike racks one on top of the van and one on the back of the van. The loading and unloading of the bikes sometimes seems to take more time than the actual bike ride. Sometimes it takes preparation to do things we really want to do. We love riding as a family together its great exercise, time to see new sites and just plain family fun. We are making memories every time we ride. So is it worth all the effort? Darn right it is!

So next time you think to yourself this will just take too much effort to do, think about our van all loaded down with bikes and realize the memories are worth it all!

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