From the darkness, March 28 Sunday Tidbit


All great things are borne from the darkness.  Creation slipped out from the abyss of darkness into the light of day.  The eggs of life are in darkness until conception and a  fetus begins its life, when fully formed, from the darkness and warmth of a mother’s womb an infant is born into the light of our world.  Ideas and creations of mere mortals have been designed in the darkness of silence, in the minds of many until human hands draw designs upon a paper and bring them to life.

Maybe we all need to find a little space, a little  silence  and a little darkness to let our minds rest. Maybe then our thoughts, our soul and our being will be renewed, refreshed and rested. Maybe then we may concieve new creations, new ideas and new life into our world.

It is time to be alone and reflect in the silence. Let your mind wonder, rest and rejuvenate so that you may bear new fruit for your life and for the goodness of the world.

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