Girl Time, August 1, 2017 Daily Reflection

Anna’s Friends

My daughter had some of her best friends over last night. It was precious to hear them have their “girl time.” They are such good girls, sweet, humorous, and innocent. They were eating pizza, looking at dresses for prom, talking about boys to take to prom. The prom is not for 7 months but they are already making plans! They giggle, laugh, joke, and have a great time together.

I remember having such a great time when I was in high school with my best friends. However, there was always drama around me. Somehow, my daughter has avoided the drama. I am so happy she has found friends that don’t drink, sleep around, or dabble in drugs. It is difficult at age 16 to figure out who you are, especially if your best friends are dabbling in some questionable actions. The friends we associate with help to mold who we may become. I thank God that she found the friends she did.

Girl time is important when you get older as well. Friendship is such a special relationship. It’s so different than family. Today, reach out and tell your friends how much you love them and set up a date for a little girl time. Meet up for lunch or dinner, giggle, laugh, remember old times and enjoy one another.

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