Good, July 25, 2018 Daily Reflection

God is Good

I heard Eckhardt Tolle say on a podcast, “People try to do the right and good thing but what they need to do is find the good within.” It is a very interesting concept. Each of us has good within us. Our souls are that space that sustains our life with our creator, the divine. The divine is nothing but goodness and love. So, of course there is good within us. Knowing that what could cause us to do anything but good? Probably our selfish facet, the part of ourselves that must be inflated, admired, praised, and perfect. It makes us selfish instead of selfless. We need to notice when we are being selfish and go deeper to that place of goodness, the place that God resides within. If we can touch that place then our actions will be good because we will radiate goodness. God is in the stillness. We need to find our way to the stillness more often to search out that goodness and live in it daily.

Today, find a stillness, search for God, discover your goodness and radiate God’s goodness to the world around you.

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