The Good Samaritan, July 10, 2016 Sunday Tidbit

Giving HandsThe parable of the Good Samaritan is known by most. The robbers left a man for dead, a few people left him on the roadside to die, but one, a Samaritan (who at that time was despised by all) helped the man. Jesus then said who was the neighbor? The disciples answered the one who showed mercy. Jesus said go and do likewise.

It’s great that we love and care for those we love, it is divine when we love and care for those who we despise. Every person on this earth of every gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, every person is our neighbor. We should show mercy and love to them. Easier said than done, however, following Jesus Christ is not intended to be an easy task, we must carry our cross, and pray that God has mercy on us and invites us in to his kingdom.

Who is your neighbor?


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