Healing, November 22, 2017 Daily Reflection

I have been teaching my students about the healing sacraments: Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick. We talked about how our ordinary day is interrupted by illness. We cannot sleep well, function well, do homework, or sports activities. If we miss school then homework piles up and catching up is overwhelming. We must depend on other people to help meet our needs which is frustrating. Everything changes including our perspective when we are ill. When we are emotionally distraught our perspective is changed as well.

The sacraments of healing are there to unite us more closely to God and to others. When we can admit our sins and discover a way to change the habit, and our sins are absolved then a weight is lifted from our souls. When we are sick we need to depend on God, family, doctors, and friends to help heal us and comfort us. Anointing of the sick can be requested before surgery, for terminally ill, for aging, and for those with emotional or mental illnesses.

Sacraments are for the living to bring us closer to God and live a fuller life with others. As fellow Christians we have a responsibility to help others through pastoral works of kindness; praying for and visiting the sick, writing cards or letters, and holding the hands of the sick. We should also forgive others to bring healing to ourselves and to others. If we want to heal our brokenness we need to heal one another with our love.

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