Finish that Prayer, October 28, 2014 Daily Reflection

Holy is his name

“The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is his name.” – Luke 1:49

I completely believe that God’s name is holy and each one of my students can attest to this fact. In my class if a student uses God’s name in vain my response is, “Finish that prayer”. My students do finish the prayer. It disturbs me how many people including adults, who are very well connected with God, use God’s name in vain. I feel sure it is a bad habit that is perpetuated by others. When people are awed, upset, confused, ticked off, mad or angry I hear them say, “Oh my GOD!” Clearly they have not finished their prayer to God. They addressed him, invoked his name with such emotion but they end it there. I simply tell them to finish what they wanted to ask or say to God. They do finish it. My students are beginning to catch themselves and finish their prayer before I have to state it. Any habit can be changed, it only takes 30 days.

The saying is becoming contagious. My students have said it to other teachers. Teachers and parents are also in the bad habit of saying this. There is such anger, sarcasm and ill will in the world. Do we really want to mix God up with the anger? Or do we want to ask God to help us? It is the 2nd of the 10 Commandments, “You shall not take God’s name in Vain.”

Today, pay attention to your words and if you are invoking God’s name realize that it is holy, sacred and deserves respect. Also remember to finish that prayer.

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