“I’m perfect now!” March 25, 2015 Daily Reflection

Jake's cross from his 1st Reconciliation

Jake’s cross from his 1st Reconciliation

Last night my littlest guy, Jake, celebrated his first Reconciliation. I celebrated my twenty something (I think). When we met back at the pew I gave him a huge hug and said, “How does it feel to be perfect?” We were both pure, absolved of our sins, given penance and ready to just be good people. On the walk home he asked if he was still perfect.

The sacrament of Reconciliation has received a bad reputation over the centuries. However, it has changed to the purest sense of what it was intended to be; a sacrament to reconcile our relationship with God. A sacred moment to admit our sins, to own up to our faults and take responsibilities for our actions, and then to listen and talk to a priest about the best way to change that behavior that takes us away from God. Then we are absolved of our sins by God, through the priest. It is indeed a celebration of our love for God.

This Lent I invite you each back to reconciliation. If you need advice about a good priest to go to feel free to inbox me. I personally know a ton of gentle, open and kind priest who want to reconcile us to God. There are more priest who are bringing the love of God to others than the ones that you remember condemning you in the past. Give it a chance and go so that you can say, “I’m perfect” because of the grace and mercy of our loving God, even if it is a temporary perfect. But that’s one of the best parts of this sacrament, it allows us to be human, to sin and be forgiven once more by our forgiving God.

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