It’s not about the destination, August 17, 2018 Daily Reflection

Wildflowers along a trail

As a future thinking, goal driven person it is difficult to pay attention to the present moment. I am constantly looking towards the future. I have read time and time again that it is not about the destination or the fulfillment of the goal. Life is about the journey towards that goal, the things that happen along the way, the relationships formed, the experiences lived, the wisdom gained. So, why is it so difficult to live in the moment and appreciate it while it is right in front of us? There is something about us that is constantly living in the past or hoping for the future.

Today, appreciate where you live, who you love, your work, your fun times, and those who love you. Take a moment to savor this moment in the here and now. Honestly, the journey is all we really have, try to enjoy it!

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