Just an idea each day, March 9, 2016 Daily Reflection

WritingWriting in a journal is a great practice for all people. Many people think they cannot journal daily, it seems like too big of a challenge. It’s easier than you think! You can do it through which ever tool you want to. You can buy a journal and each morning write a goal for the day (not a to do list) but one idea you want to keep for the day. Or write what you are thankful for, or an action you want to take part in that day.

Many people keep their phones with them all day long. You could text yourself each morning a journal entry – it could be with a small statement or even an emoji. You could place the statement in your calendar an action you want to take that day – that would be your entry for the day.

You could use your work planner as your journal. Each day when you get to work or when you are about to leave work write what you are thankful for that day.

You could have a small journal by your bedside and write a few things you did that day. Write your hope for tomorrow, your appreciation for today, or a prayer to God. Just write an idea each day! Journaling is a great practice for everyone. It gets your feelings out, recognized, and relieved. Try it today, there are so many ways!

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