Little by Little, March 11, 2015 Daily Reflection

Footprints in concreteGod works in all of our lives. Some people realize it quicker than others because they recognize the presence of God. Some people do not acknowledge God’s existence, much less his presence, and they do not accept God’s work in their lives.

God introduces us to new ideas and concepts. We ponder these ideas and sometimes they move us little by little to research, and find out a bit more about that idea. Then little by little we make a plan about how to make that idea a reality. Once it becomes a reality it becomes a passion, dedication or promise that we make to ourselves and sometimes God. God is so good that he merely nudges us with an idea and he lets it settle into our souls for awhile. Later little by little we follow the idea until it becomes a part of our lives and then the passion drives us towards the good of others.

I went on a retreat and when I left I had the idea to talk to others about God. I started writing and created a website. Little by little I wrote and then started a small company for creating and leading retreats. Little by little I learned more about my faith and discerned my calling, other than being a mom. Little by little I became a high school Theology teacher. Little by little God leads me. It’s better to take the small steps, embrace them and then take on the big steps.

What ideas has God whispered to you today? Don’t ignore him. Let him nudge you little by little and you will eventually be filled with a passion from God.

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