My 40th Birthday, December 1, 2013 Sunday Tidbit

My family

My family

How is it possible that I am 40? I still feel like I am 30.  “You should be so lucky to be this happy when you are 40!”, I said to my son yesterday. It seems like a milestone. In the past it was like “over the hill” but now that life expectancy is longer, 40 is the new 30, right…  I guess I would be more upset about this change of age if I were not so blessed and pleased with my life is right now.

God has beyond blessed me. God blessed me first with parents who gave me a love that displays the love of God, unconditional even to this very moment. God graced me with a faith to know Him since I was 3 years old singing to Him in my backyard. God guided me through my teen years and lifted me up through doubts. God led me to the love of my life, Aaron and gave me the unbelievable blessing of marrying him. God then blessed us with the four most precious gifts of my life; Ethan, Anna, Spencer and Jake. God allowed me to seek out my talent, inspiring me daily to write, to speak and to teach about His love of the world. God has blessed me with the ability to run, be healthy and love beyond my understanding. God has given me more than enough reasons to count my blessings every night and to be thankful for every moment, day and year He has graced me with in the lifetime.

Thank you God for my 40th birthday what an amazing journey you have taken me on so far. I plan to enjoy the ride with you forever!

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