People Crossing, August 16, 2011 Daily Reflection

A crossing sign

Is the sign blinking? Look out for people crossing. Slow down for people crossing the street. Can you please yield to people crossing? Stop your car when you see people crossing!

We need to look at this sign daily. Rarely do we look out for the people who cross our paths daily. We do not consider the thought of yielding to strangers. How often do we stop our lives for people crossing?

Our mantra tends to be “What do I need to do next?” We are not malicious people who intend on ignoring those around us. On the contrary many of us, especially moms, are constantly thinking and moving for others, our children, family, coworkers and friends. We want to be good, loving and kind people. However, we are speeding through life at such a stealth pace we don’t see anyone crossing. Hence, the sign was installed; then the next sign, and then the blinking lights. What does it take to get our attention?

Today, look for the people crossing your path. Turn off the radio in your car and look around. Turn off your IPOD when you go for a run and listen. Turn off your computer a little early at work and observe the people who surround you. Look up from your grocery list and your watch and look around at the strangers (your neighbors you have yet to meet).

Today, look for the people crossing your path.

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