Prayer for the New Year, January 1 2011 Saturday Tidbit


Spencer's handmade flower

May this New Year of 2011 be just like the picture.

May your year be planted in the snow, in a foundation that keeps it strong…May your year be like a child’s handmade flower, full of pure innocence and goodwill for others. May your year be like the sweet soft colors of the tissue paper, kind and gentle to others. May your year be like the charm sucker as the center, filled with the sweetest candy and an unexpected treat in the center of your life.

My prayer for each of you is that you

Take a deep refreshing breath of the New Year

And release the sadness and failure of the old year

You renew your foundation of faith, family and friends

You fill yourself with pure innocence and goodwill towards all others

Your kindness extends beyond your family and friends

To the strangers you seldom meet eyes with

Your year is filled with unexpected treats,

Of treasured time,

New perspectives

And constant unconditional love for

Self, others



May God bless


Keep you close to His side

In this New Year


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