Reality, August 10, 2018 Daily Reflection

A single raindrop suspended from a tree branch

The reality is that life ebbs and flows. Some days are glorious, with the bright sun shining, and people are kind, supportive and loving. Other days are terrible, it rains, and people gossip and are unkind. Life is filled with positive and negative times.

The key is to realize that what matters most is what you do with those days. If you are wise you take the time and space to reflect on the reasons, explore if there is the potential for growth and then take the challenge to grow. What we control most in life is our reaction. Mindfulness helps to learn how to be calm and realize that nothing is as imperative as one might think in the moment. It is taking a step back and letting it pass. Knowing that although the bad days will occur that there is support and love here on earth as well as deep within our souls. Allow yourself to feel the pain and then let it go. Emotions and thoughts are temporary. Life is temporary. Take the time to feel and think them, let it pass, and live your life to the fullest knowing reality can change in a moment.

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