Reflect, October 10, 2013 Daily Reflection



Where is your passion? What makes you smile? What makes you sigh with complete happiness? What moves your soul; what song, what person, what environment? Evaluating where you are, who you are and where you should be is important.

We rush through life so often getting from point A to point B (going to work, school etc.) we forget that we should reflect from time to time. We should reflect on where we are spending the majority of our time. Where our thoughts are entertained and contained most often? Are we strengthening our relationships in our lives with our friends, family or God? Are we spending time with the ones we love the most in this life? Are we living our passion in our lives through our work or our own time? What do we really want to be when we grow up? What does God want us to be when we grow up?

Reflect on these questions and think about where your passion would lead you if you opened yourself up to be led by God. Today, reflect for awhile.

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